Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lollipop & Tangerine at Bukit Jalil Park

I've never regretted buying Lollipop. I really like her so much.. but sometimes she is a bit lonely. That is when I decided to get her a sister. Thanks to my friends (Jo Ann, Shu Ling, Lisa & Yap), I bought Tangerine (V-Smash) - a birthday present. Love her freckles and bright hair. Again, Jamie and I brought them to take outdoor pictures. This time at Bukit Jalil Park. The pics looks great with Tangerine's bright hair and of course more tiring coz I have to do posing for two dolls now...I have fun though (8/5/2006)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Lollipop at KLCC Park

When Jamie (my sis) saw Lollipop, she said I'm wasting money but I know she loves her too, hehe .... Since, Jamie likes to take pictures, we brought Lollipop to KLCC park for an outdoor photo shoot. At first, I'm a bit shy to take out my doll coz people around start looking and wondering why I hold a doll high up in the air.. haha, but after awhile, I don't care about people looking at me anymore. Although it's a tiring day but we enjoyed it. We managed to snap a few nice shot...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Doll's World

It all started when I first saw this cute doll on TV. I browsed the net to find out more about her and get to know she is... Blythe. At first, I thought she is not available in KL. Lucky me, I found two shops selling Blythe in Times Square. When I checked on the price, I get a shocked! Felt disappointed...I put her back on the rack coz she is too expensive. Weeks later, I kept thinking of her. Can't help myself, I bought my first Blythe (I Luv U Its True) and named her Lollipop. This is when my doll's world began.....